Live A Better Life

A holistic approach with expert diagnosis, clear treatment plans, and prescribed self-care.

  • Infants to elderly

    Thorough and patient-oriented approach to health care.

  • Sports performance and injuries

    Full body service for the general population and elite athletes

Services Offered

Treatment of Acute and Chronic Injuries

Optimize Sports Performance

Biomechanical Balancing

Diagnosis and Pain Relief

Spinal and Peripheral Joint Adjusting

Specialized Soft Tissue Therapy

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

Exercise Performance Increases

Nutritional and Supplemental Counseling

Custom Orthotics and Gait Analysis

Physio (EMS, TENS, MICRO, IFC, etc)

Custom Therapeutic Exercise

Postural Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

Surgery Pre & Rehabilitation

Headache Relief

Pregnancy Care

Ergonomic Assessments

Lifestyle Counseling

Stretching Programs 

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Full-body chiropractic service for families and individuals, including treatments for sports performance and injuries.

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